Transmission Gallery

Transmission Gallery


A diverse and increasingly high profile art scene has emerged in Glasgow with Transmission at its centre. Transmission provides a place where artists can meet, talk and exhibit along with local and international peers and influences.

Transmission was set up in 1983 by graduates from Glasgow School of Art who were dissatisfied with the lack of exhibition spaces and opportunities for young artists in Glasgow. Through sponsorship and support from the Scottish Arts Council (now Creative Scotland) they managed and maintained a space in which to exhibit their work and the work of a rapidly growing collective of local artists.

They began to invite artists who had influenced them to show in the gallery and become part of this dialogue. The range of contacts grew through projects with similar organisations such as City Racing in London and Artemisia in Chicago and this exchange of ideas has continued with Transmission providing a model for other collectives like Catalyst in Belfast and Generator in Dundee.

The gallery is managed by a voluntary committee of six people. Each member of the committee serves for up to two years and is then replaced. Transmission evolves under the influence of each successive committee member and continues to draw in a young peer group as active participants. The regular changes in the gallery's committee maintain a fluid and varied relationship with developing concerns in the world of the visual arts. The broad perspectives on contemporary culture offered by the individuals involved ensure Transmission's prominent role in these discourses and the gallery is committed to keeping its engagement challenging and current.

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Membership: Key to the support and running of the gallery is its membership body. Anyone may become a member of the gallery for a nominal fee that can instead, if preferred, be paid in kind by invigilating an exhibition (if locally based). Members receive a regular newsletter to keep them abreast of gallery activities and upcoming shows and are entitled to submit work to the annual members' exhibition. Members are also invited to submit work for inclusion in the gallery archive which is available for view by visiting curators and researchers. Committee Members since 1983: Alistair Magee, Lesley Raeside, John Rogan, Michelle Baucke, Alistair Strachan (first committee) Gordon Muir, Malcolm Dickson, Carl Rhodes, Graham Johnstone, Peter Thompson, Simon Brown, Douglas Aubrey (second committee) Richard Walker, Jayne Taylor, Tommy Lydon, John Main, Billy Clark, Karen Strang, Gillian Steel, Scott Paterson, Anne Elliot, David Allen, Christine Borland, Mike Ellen, Peter Gilmour, Euan Sutherland, Anne Vance, Douglas Gordon, Craig Richardson, Claire Barclay, Elsie Mitchell, Roderick Buchanan, Katrina Brown, Jacqueline Donachie, Martin Boyce, Simon Starling, Kirsty Ogg, Eva Rothschild, Will Bradley, Toby Webster, Tanya Leighton, Judith Weik, Caoline Kirsop, Toby Paterson, Sarah Tripp, Robert Johnston, Ewan Imrie, Julian Kildear, Lucy Skaer, Sophie Macpherson, Rose Thomas, Alan Michael, Fred Pedersen, Anna MacLauchlan, Danny Saunders, Alex Pollard, Clare Stephenson, Lorna Macintyre, Laurence Figgis, Kate Davis, Gregor Wright, Jane Topping, Nick Evans, Charlie Hammond, Lotte Gertz, Lynn Hynd, Lucy MacEachan, Iain Hetherington, Michael Stumpf, Michael Hill Johnston, Cara Tolmie, Laura Aldridge, Giles Bailey, Tim Facey, Victoria Skogsberg, Conal McStravick, Helen Tubridy, Levi Hanes, Jens Strandberg, Salomeh Grace, Sophie Mackfall, Rebecca Wilcox, Tom Varley, Mark Briggs, Amelia Bywater, Carrie Skinner, Claire Shallcross, and Chris Dyson. This is a list of everyone who has served as a Transmission committee member from 1983 to the present. The second committee entirely replaced the first but after that the groupings are less defined. Some people stayed for the standard two years (occasionally more), others left after a few months. At times there were only two people on the committee, the standard is now six. Your current committee is Darren Rhymes, Emilia Muller-Ginorio, Kari Robertson, Hannes Hellström, John Nicol and Ashanti Harris. - accessed in Sept 2013 -


Transmission Gallery (2001), Transmission - Committee for the Visual Arts, London: Black Dog Publishing (ISBN10: 1 901033 13 9, ISBN13: 978 1 901033 13 7)
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