The Penthouse

The Penthouse


An independent not for profit artist led work and project space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. A place for making, doing and sharing by artists Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp.

The Penthouse is the place to get your heads and hands dirty with ideas and new beginnings which fly from our rooftops directly into the city around us and beyond.

The Penthouse is the permanent studio base of Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp.

Noise Above Noise was borne of The Penthouse- described as

“Performance series Noise Above Noise elevates Manchester’s underground scene to the fifth floor of a tower block”. Frances Morgan- The Wire.

“The Penthouse, found on the top floor of a 1960s office block at the less-saturated edge of the Northern Quarter, is not your average exhibition space. Formed by Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp in late 2012, the studio offers access to the duo’s workspace, used by a variety of creatives to generate multi-sensory experiences, with an emphasis on the divergent and unique…The hands on environment is unlike any other in the city, and encourges experimentation like nowhere else”. Charlotte Davies- The Skinny.

Our main project of 2016 focuses on the effect of space and place on artistic production with dedicated artist residencies at The Penthouse and a public seminar on the subject Sept 2016. Email or tweet us for appointment- we aren’t usually open outside of public events which are advertised via website.

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Hilton House was built in 1961- designed by architect Richard Seifert who was the architect on famous projects such as Euston Station and Centre Point, London. Originally built as home for Manchester Polytechnic's Lighting and Drama Department it later became a a fashion showroom at ground level and housed a family school uniform business. Ran by the same family who owed the school uniform business the building is now home to a bar on ground level and is of mixed use on other levels. The Penthouse have occupied the top level of the building since 2012.


The Penthouse
26 - 28 Hilton Street Top Floor, Hilton House
M1 2EH Manchester 53° 28' 50.718" N, 2° 13' 55.6284" W

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