Lewisham Arthouse

Lewisham Arthouse


Keeping it real since 1994.
Artist-led, community - based.
Supporting creativity and innovation in visual arts and beyond.

how is/was it run/structured ?: 

what is/was it's legal status ?: 

  • charity

how is/was it funded ?: 

history of the site: 

1914 - 1991
Amazing Library
Gift from Andrew Carnegie to people of Deptford
ceases as learning / social space due to Tory Government cuts

1991 - 1993
Amazing rave venue
Maintained by Spiral Tribe
ceases as a music / social space due to Tory Government rave laws

1994 - 2015
Amazing arts centre
Maintained by Lewisham Art House co-operative
providing open-access facilities, community resources, learning, visual art and music programmes

2015 - onwards
Amazing arts centre becomes charity
Doing the same as before, but within / as a charity with a 100 year plan

exhibitions, events, workshops: 


additional information: 

Grade II listed (interior / exterior) Historic trees and gardens to rear


140 Lewisham Way
SE14 6PD London 51° 28' 18.0336" N, 0° 1' 51.186" W


previous usage of the site: 

number of studios: 

number of workshops: 

number of exhibition/project spaces: 

types of studios: 

  • open plan, private

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last known status of the site: