Five Years

Five Years


Five Years is a collaborative artists' project.

Founded in 1998, Five Years' initial aim was to set up a gallery which was artist-run and where programming would maintain a direct relationship to practice. Five Years continues to develop this aim of maintaining close links between the production and exhibition of visual art, and the discourse which informs it. In February 2007 the membership was expanded to form a loose knit collective of artists.

Rather than acting as a 'curatorial' entity, the group's members continue to develop exhibition projects based around concerns emerging from their own practices; offering these projects as frameworks within which other artists can, through participation, respond to or engage in dialogue around the concerns being discussed by the group. Through these processes, Five Years aims to create a context which fosters productive dialogue between artists and the exposure of ambitious new work.

How might an artist-run gallery, a collection, a collective, a communal project?
Such a problem became one of identification. How do we, participants in Five Years, define ourselves in relation to the space and project? How do we identify ourselves to be seen in relation to the expert discourse of the market?
The project must display within its protocol,to being named and identified in this process, to submit (even if marginally) to its form of management.
As a collection of fragments, then, Five Years approaches its own arrangement as a collection that foregrounds the justice of exteriority, a refusal of synthesis through selection, a justice of “arrangement at the level of disarray.”
A gallery in pieces (a collection of pieces, a collective based on the fragment), the inclusion in the space shows not one distilled collective concern, but a concern for collective equivocity. Such a term does not call towards ambivalence or ambiguity. Instead it points towards equal voices, towards the struggle that equality demands.
To place voices in equal is to experience not harmonic synthesis (achieved through the sublime violence of sublation) but the constancy of struggle, of the discordance of discourse among equals.

The collective whole or work of Five Years, then, is the work of the empty place around which a garland of fragments operate. As fragments (each practice a fragment) each practice is that of the ‘complete’ individual – the hedgehog or porcupine principle whereby the fragment individuates completely – but these complete parts converge as on a garland. The string upon which these fragments are strung, Five Years, encircles an ‘empty place’ as the site of incompletion, of the refusal of completion through synthesis. Here the possible activity of dissensus rather than consensus can take place, if one is brave enough.
A fleeting proposition from us: Romantic Bureaucracy is put forward, is put on hold. (To think a bureaucracy in terms of Romanticism put forward by Blanchot would be to think about an instrumentalisation of a movement that necessarily composes and decomposes, that comes together to fall apart.
So. Not Romantic Bureaucracy, then. That is happening already as an artist run space- exhibition-event form, that persistently un-works itself, refuses coherence. To borrow again from Blanchot, we perhaps have here the work of un-working.
To end for now with a question: we might ask, paradoxically, what is lacking in the fragment? Both nothing and everything – it is both irresolutely complete and incomplete. Instead we might ask how one moves from the open field of the social to the abrupt violent gesture that fragments, that causes the fracture of the fragment.

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  • charity

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Five Years started in 40 Underwoord st, the site was an old Victorian Soap Factory. For its new location in 66 Andrews Road, we found an industrial building initially used for working only spaces.

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Delta: Oona Grimes, Mark Jackson, James Lowne, Clare Mitten, Mia Taylor
S_ _ _K:
Charlotte Knox-Williams, Russell Hart, Helen Austwick Zaltzman
Vertigo Rising: John Hughes & Liz Murray
Descriptor: Bernice Donzeilmann
Bang Your Head: Architecture of Conversation
Ilga Leimanis+Bidisha Sinha
How to Write: Reading Groups. Part 1.
The Naturalness of Strange Things: The Line That(…)
Luxury Complex: Remembering Satan
Steve Klee Too Prolix: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
five sheets at Five Years: Susan Johanknecht and Katharine Meynell
Beside: Nicole Morris, Katrin Hanusch and Mark Duffy
texts from Emily Beber, Giulia Damiani and Amy McKelvie
The School of the Damned: Interim Show
Benefit: All Research Is Crisis
Five Years & School of the Damned Discussion/Events
Ms. Seat Cello: Rochelle Fry
Summer Camp: School of Calidity/ Doggerland/ Fear + Trembling
Worlds Apart
FiveYears: Fragments at the Showroom
Michael Lawton: Jardines de Sabatini
Giorgio Sadotti: Feet Feet Feel
Oona Grimes: When is Now
Five Years Publications: Public Series. FYP-PS-01-05
These New Zines!/Ovi Novi Zinovi! With love from Belgrade
Clay Arlington in London.
Interior Domestic
Ignominious Wank

A day of continual irritation for myself
Joan of Art: The Venice Process
A Promise of Happiness: 20.11.99
Technologies of Romance
Blank Stare, Flat Hollow
Five Years at Sluice Art Fair
This is Not Public/ Part 2: What do we mean by Public Engagement?
Modern Interiors
A Heap, A Pile, A Mass, A Gathering
Ra-Ra Rasputin: The Esoteric Book Disco
General title given by myself: SE Barnet
This is Not Public/ Part 1: What do we mean by Public Engagement?
School of the Damned
Arkham Asylum: Ana María Millán
Five Years: Fragments
Besame Mucho: Alex Schady
Armada: Ian Dawson
Jamie Partridge & Lynton Talbot

Five Years Publications III: A Plotted Affair; Bad Love Poetry Night
Five Years Publications II: School Book Projects
Five Years Publications I: Artists Books Weekend
Height X Width X Depth
Exercises With Five Years - (Im)Possible School Book: As Found
Left Of Place
Ideas Are Faster
Light And Time
Dead Original
Five Years Talk At La Scatola
Sideshow And Other Stories
Irish Female Artists
A Pigeon, A Kitchen And An Annexe: Sites Of Alternative Publishing
Preliminary Notes For Moving Between Desert And Occupation
Cuntstone & Clown

Z-Depth Buffer
Desk Space
This Is Not A School
House In The Shape Of A Stretcher
Instantly Interruptible
Picture Theory
Cream Guillotine
The Weaklings
Posters Fo’ Sho'
Ladies Of The Press* presents…
Evolution Of The Meringue
Closer Encounters Of The Third Kind
Re Infecta
Flying Stickers

So Much For Free School, Etc: A Draft Publication
Album: A Group Show
Photographs: From The Particular To The Particular
What I Thought At The Time
Good Tidings
The Muttering Cavern Of Domestic Delights
Whatever Happened
Lecture Hall. Free School.
By Day My Limbs, By Night My Mind
Harry Pye Presents
Bakkar Island
Field Recordingsinter Rites
Love Is A Highway

Interrupted Correspondence/Vice Versa: Five Years Fragments
Noble Intent
Sontag Montag
Nature Morte
Andrea Zapp
Ania Seraphin
Free Association
Yes. Yes. I Know. Free School. I Know.
Line And Light
Skinner’s Room
Does God Live In The No-Fly Zone
That Was A Good Day

A4 Editions
False Friends
Structures Found Structures Lost
In The Path Of The Most Frightening Storm, And Suffered Terrible Devastation. It Also Shows
Talent Show
Garden Of The Sleep Of Love
Periodical Vol.1 (No.1-4)
Free Show.
Spitting Distance
I Don’t Think I Can Fit It In
Rules To Hold Onto…
Porridge Wogs

Three Studies: Pee Wee. Meat. Billy.
Present State
Model As You Would Carve
Crisis And Finance And Nudes
Peroiodical Vol.1, No.1.
Peer Esteem
Now And Then
Our Period.
Untitled Sequence 1998-2007
Romantic Anti-Humanism
Paintings And Sculptures
Il Cittadino
Rochelle Fry
You First
Huis Clos
Psychogeometry V
There Is No Future For Us Now
Art For Everyone
Goo Goo Muck

Frenzy: L’art Décoratif D’aujourd Hui (at Metropole Galleries, Folkestone)

Spacemen (MOT)
Club Esther
Suicide Is Painful

Xmas/ There Is Plenty of Sunshine in Summer/ Silence and Darkness/ Tender Prey/ Independent State-Estado Independiente_Stoned Chicks_Sexperimental Weekenders Ticklish CINEMATHEQUE/ Crack Whore/ Manual: Christoph Girardet and Matthias Müller/ Esther Planas/ The Way Things Are Not/ Fata Morgana/ Graham Dolphin/ Edward Dorrian: Paints a Picture/ CULPTR/ Richard Crow/ Eat Quicksilver Shit Quicksand/ Or Not

The Difference Between You & Us/ I’m Wary/ Contemporary Fairy Tales/ Peter Lloyd Lewis/ Dead-wall Reverie/ Sex Abroad/ Michelle Deignan/ Drop-out/ Issed/ Manual/ Self-service_ Painting/ Sinisa Savic/ Ticklish/

Starring/ The Guests protected their ankles with cardboard boxes/ Richard Crow/ The Red Room/ Rank Cheeseboard/ Failure/ Jeremy Deadman/ Denise Hawrysio/ Sara Woodfine/ Jeremy Akerman/ Self-Service/ Sleight of Hand/ Mathew Luck Galpin/ Susan Morris/ Dark Pop

Taking in the Air/ A Promise of Happiness/ Marion Kalmus and Naomi Salaman/ Corporate Actions/ The Blood Show/ A Thousand Moonlit Kisses/ Own Time/ Now Look Where I Am/ Lapsus/ What is Love?

Silent Movies/ What is a Photograph?

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Awarded Charity Status (NO. 1151017)


Five Years: Fragments
ISBN 978-1-903724-09-5
Francis Summers,Sally Morfill and Karen Wood, Marc Hulson and Paul Curran, Rochelle Fry with Squares and Triangles, Esther Planas with Tuesday-029, Edward Dorrian and Amy Todman
Evaluation, Consensus and Location
Experts From Beyond (A Script).
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This is not Public.
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Ignominious Wank.
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Failure/ Rank Cheeseboard
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ISBN 978-1-903724-01-9
False Friends
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ISBN 978-1-903724-02-6
Whatever Happened
Dierdre O’Dwyer

ISBN 978-1-903724-03-3
Sontag Montag:
Drawings,recordings and diagrams by Susan Morris
with essays by Ed Krcma, Margaret Iversen and Briony Fer edited by Deirdre O’Dwyer

ISBN 978-1-903724-04-0
Sandnes Sangen
Louisa Minkin

The Blood Show
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Tender Prey
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Dark Star Vols 1-4
Esther Planas

Frenzy- L’Art D’Art Décoratif D’Aujourd’Hui
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Five Years Periodical Vols 1-5

Structures Found, Structures Lost Videos By
Paul B Davis, Steve Klee, Abbe Leigh Fletcher

Porridge Wogs
Rabiya Choudry, Andrew Gilbert, Astrid Sourkova

Talent Show
Patricia Ellis

Experimental Light in the Death Cult
Michael Salerno


Welcome to the Secret Lands and Secret Worlds

El Diablo en la Pintura

Dahmer Daily Digest

Untitled Sequence
Marc Hulson

Now Look Where I am: Failure, Time, Aporia
Paul Whittaker, Edward Dorrian

Bounty feeds Desert, Desert exhausts Bounty
Louisa Minkin


66 Regents Studios, Andrews Road
E8 4QN London 51° 32' 7.8" N, 0° 3' 36.8748" W


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