Centrum is a contemporary art space in the Flughafenkiez district of Neukölln, Berlin. Formerly used as a retail store and brothel, Centrum’s exhibition space is not a pure white cube, but owes its specific character to its tiled floor composed of red ceramic and gray stone tiles, and from the large shop window looking out into the street. Artists have in the past on several occasions produced works and installations that were inspired by these characteristics and by the history of the space.
Centrum since 2010 has collaborated with various artists and has developed a series of experimental projects, including a festival of video installations and film screenings, and performances. Some projects were shown outside the exhibition space and in collaboration with other artist-run initiatives.
Centrum offers a platform for the discourses in and around contemporary art as well as the opportunity to meet other artists through artist talks, lectures, and film screenings. Centrum was founded in 2009 by Kate Squires and David Moynihan and between September 2014 and December 2019 was run by Mareike Spendel; supported by Max Weiland. Since 2020, Centrum is run by Jorgina Stamogianni as artistic director and Katerina Gnafaki as curator of sound.

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Situated in the so-called 'Flughafenkiez' (airport neighbourhood), in walking distance to Berlin's former airport Tempelhofer Feld, the space was formerly used as a dog shelter, café, and finally, until 2009, as a bar and brothel. In 2009 the space was refurbished and a large shop window towards the street was installed by Centrum's founding directors, Kate Squires and David Moynihan, before the exhibition space officially opened in 2010.


Reuterstrasse 7
12053 Berlin 52° 28' 55.308" N, 13° 25' 45.984" E

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